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Ironruby tarballs available

Ivan has been doing some great work on the Mono/IronRuby continuous integration server recently. He and Ankit got xbuild support integrated, and now we have new tarballs being generated for each build. You can find them here: I’ll be … Continue reading

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repository thoughts

15:58 < cj> lluis: since my friend isn’t online to bounce ideas off of, how ’bout I ask you? :) 15:59 < lluis> cj: heh, ok 15:59 < cj> a first pass would be a web form that takes some … Continue reading

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From Lang.NET 2008 – Tuesday

0834 No snow today. The commute was easy. Last night, I downloaded the DLR and worked with it a little. I’ve hosted a gzipped binary version of the assembly on as well as a bzip2ed tarball of the source. … Continue reading

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hello world in perl6 with parrot

$ mkdir -p /usr/src/svn/perl/parrot && \ cd /usr/src/svn/perl/parrot/ && \ svn co && \ cd trunk && \ perl Makefile.PL && \ make && \ cd languages/perl6/ && \ make && \ ../../parrot perl6.pbc say “hello world” hello world … Continue reading

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currently 153 release critical bugs in etch. Get to it.

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Prims XSD alpha, pre-release

The libsecondlife (libsl) team is putting together an XML schema doc to describe the format of the 3d objects it will use to present the second life world to its users. This XSD will enable libsl to have a hardened … Continue reading

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