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spam is getting on my nerves again

I’m getting too many pieces of spam per diem, so I’ve turned on my “forward to the feds” procmail rule. Enjoy!

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Would someone just buy one of these?

I wish they would stop airing this commercial on If you buy one, maybe a) the site will run better and b) they’ll stop f*cking bothering me.

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WP vandalism logs

For those of you out there in the law enforcement biz, go sic ’em. $ traceroute traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 46 byte packets 1 ( 0.552 ms 0.398 ms 0.287 ms 2 ( 0.594 … Continue reading

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spamassassin tls plugin

Anybody got a tls plugin for spamassassin? Something that will check to see whether incoming mail is signed by a certificate known to and trusted by spamd?

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This is my first wordpress blog post. I’m getting a lot of spammy spam on my movable type blog. I don’t like it. Plus, WordPress is Free Software and movable type is not. Richard is my friend. I’m thinking I’m … Continue reading

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