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Looking to get Iron* and the DLR into RedHat

I sent an email to the Fedora Legal list asking whether they will accept software released under the MS-PL license. My friend and former colleague, Brett Lentz mentioned that he was concerned that the Fedora folks might not accept software … Continue reading

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CI build server produces Iron Python bins, too!

Ivan has updated the build script to produce IronPython binaries as well as IronRuby. Get your fresh DLR-powered, mono-friendly, dynamic language implementations here: There are now links to source and binary tarballs as well as source zips on each … Continue reading

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Parsing English Language (if you consider IRC logs to qualify)

Haha. I wrote this on October 3rd, 2006. I started logging IRC conversations in 2005. I’ve got lots from #perl and #mono. I wonder if the n’ere-do-wells who frequent those channels will mind me using their public commentary to build … Continue reading

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Using en_US.UTF-8 locale on Debian/Ubuntu

NB: this write-up has been superseded. You should be reading this article instead. It took me a while to figure out how to make Larry’s postings to #perl6 not break my screen session. Now that I’ve figured it out, I’ll … Continue reading

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Quest for the re-usable software grail

Why should any more effort be put into building a system of re-usable software if The CPAN already exists and provides all of the tools necessary to create re-usable software? Continue reading

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Writing Free Software – Part 1

There are a lot of folks who want to learn how to write software, I hear. So I’ll see if I can write something up about it. I’m going to assume that the reader has at their disposal an i386-class … Continue reading

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Perl 6 on the CLI via DLR; A summary

My goal in attending this year’s Lang.NET Symposium was to determine whether the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is a viable platform on which the Perl 6 language can be implemented.  During the talks, I took notes in my blog (Monday, … Continue reading

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From Lang.NET 2008 – Wednesday

0843 Alrighty… we’re online. I checked in on #debian-mono, and meebey had plenty of suggestions on how to fix the .deb. 0923 There’s a talk on IronRuby. Microsoft is implementing a Ruby compiler on the CLI. It uses the DLR … Continue reading

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From Lang.NET 2008 – Tuesday

0834 No snow today. The commute was easy. Last night, I downloaded the DLR and worked with it a little. I’ve hosted a gzipped binary version of the assembly on as well as a bzip2ed tarball of the source. … Continue reading

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From Lang.NET 2008 – Monday

Monday 0815 So here I am. It snowed last night, so the drive down was a little crazy. I’ve arrived. They say I represent “Collier Technologies” instead of “” I hope nobody at work minds. The network is up, people … Continue reading

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