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  • A (round-about) story about Jeffry P. Bezos

    The following is what i wrote on “” about the boss. I thought it was worth keeping in my own archives, since it’s actually a story about my life as it pertains to Mr. Bezos. Back a few years ago, I was taking some classes down in Edmonds. The one I’m thinking of in particular […]

  • gtkglarea on win32

    After a long, long wait, GtkGLArea is now running on win32. I’ve put up a temporary package here until I merge the changes into cvs and put out an official package that plays nicely with the rest of the gtk+ platform. The next step, of course is GtkGLArea#, the C# wrapper around this library. And […]

  • Someone asked recently….

    Their question was “Why is VMS so much faster than Unix?” They of course used the new fangled words for “VMS” and “Unix,” but the idea was the same. The short answer is that it’s because they are different operating systems and that they focus on different consumers. The long answer is very long. It […]

  • AIGLX – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    AIGLX – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bling.