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  • Gotta’ get ’em all.

    And now I have them all. Maybe I can reduce the load on my wan pipe by setting up a mirror for the island.

  • Installing Open Solaris as a Xen domU

    This particular dom0 is running Ubuntu 8.10 on an amd64 kernel using an lvm volume group called ‘vg0’. Adjust accordingly. Note that the credentials for this particular live cd are: unprivileged username: jack unprivileged password: jack privileged username: root privileged password: opensolaris I have been meaning to add a Solaris machine to my network for […]

  • not interested in solving problems

    But don’t take my word for it. The folks on their IRC channel have put it pretty plainly themselves. They’re not interested in offering solutions to problems, they instead seem interested in bemoaning their lot in life for fun and profit. — Log opened Wed Sep 03 23:06:26 2008 23:06 -!- Irssi: #boycottnovell: Total of […]

  • does anyone else feel forced to produce crap?

    Management wants MORE RESULTS NOW NO MATTER WHAT THE COST!!!!! I feel like the world is telling me to give them more crap, less useful code! Does anyone else feel like business requirements are forcing them to produce lots of fluff rather than small amounts of quality content? Should I be concerned? Should I care […]

  • hello world in perl6 with parrot

    $ mkdir -p /usr/src/svn/perl/parrot && \ cd /usr/src/svn/perl/parrot/ && \ svn co && \ cd trunk && \ perl Makefile.PL && \ make && \ cd languages/perl6/ && \ make && \ ../../parrot perl6.pbc say “hello world” hello world ^D $ perl -e ‘ open my $helloFH, q{>}, “hello.p6″; my $newline=” “; print $helloFH […]

  • Setting up a cluster

    So… I guess at this point, the hosts on could be considered a cluster. We have all of the services you would expect from a real ISP running on the network at this point. I think. I’m learning more and more as I go along. I set up autofs for the first time this […]

  • Please begin seeding etch release candidates with me

  • Someone asked recently….

    Their question was “Why is VMS so much faster than Unix?” They of course used the new fangled words for “VMS” and “Unix,” but the idea was the same. The short answer is that it’s because they are different operating systems and that they focus on different consumers. The long answer is very long. It […]