Category: Hardware

  • Mono on the G1

    I got a g1 for Fathers’ Day (Thanks Hannah!) and I’ve been futzing with it a bit. I rooted it and set up a chroot debian system. It’s running an ssh server, openvpn and snmpd. There’s been a lot of talk about getting flash working on the device. They just announced yesterday the next phone […]

  • Debian router online

    So… I got my Debian router online. I expect to add ipv6 support to my network real soon now. The permanent storage is a 2G CF card with a CF to IDE adapter. The system has 1G of memory. The quagga bgpd has a full IPv4 table loaded. It looks like it’s eating around 180M […]

  • Installing Open Solaris as a Xen domU

    This particular dom0 is running Ubuntu 8.10 on an amd64 kernel using an lvm volume group called ‘vg0’. Adjust accordingly. Note that the credentials for this particular live cd are: unprivileged username: jack unprivileged password: jack privileged username: root privileged password: opensolaris I have been meaning to add a Solaris machine to my network for […]

  • Everett Wireless Data Center

    I’m putting together a WISP, I guess. Here’s the mast in the basement prior to mounting it: Here’s the fancy antenna strapped to the chimney: Here’s the rack of computers that will be participating on the network:

  • Running a console cable to the radio

    So, I’m attaching a radio to the chimney. I don’t want to have to bring it down every time I need to flash the firmware, so I’m also running an rs-232 cable up to it along with the PoE data/power cable. Since they don’t have anything pre-built, I wired one myself. I also made a […]

  • IronRuby continuous integration machine back online

    Thanks to my wife’s support, the DLR & IronRuby mono build machine is up and kicking again.

  • Everett Wireless first station

    I’m putting together the first station for the Everett Wireless Network. To the right is a picture of the radio I will eventually put on our roof. I plan to attach an omni to the pole and drill another couple holes in the box (one for the 802.11g omni, one for the serial console over […]

  • Invested in CTXS

    I just had my first vesting in work stocks. I sold a few and re-invested some of the proceeds in Citrix, who plans to purchase XenSource, the employer of Keir Fraser, Tim Deegan, James Bulpin and Ian Campbell, the primary contributors to the development branch of the xen source tree for the last month, and […]

  • Setting up a cluster

    So… I guess at this point, the hosts on could be considered a cluster. We have all of the services you would expect from a real ISP running on the network at this point. I think. I’m learning more and more as I go along. I set up autofs for the first time this […]

  • Why can’t I communicate on cell phones with static?

    I was thinking… When there’s echo on the line or when I can hear breathing, I respond with silence and a delay to see whether the line is clean. This reminds me of [[CSMA/CD]]. Ha. My communication system is like a computer networking device.