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GTK+ OpenGL work

There’s an opening at Canonical that I’d like to take after the current contract is up. It’s an opening for a OpenGL dev on the Ubuntu desktop team. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy working with my current group quite … Continue reading

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To Prebuild or not to Prebuild?

So… On IRC today, John, Michael and I discussed rolling Prebuild and xbuild into one product. It seems that we’re duplicating effort and competing for each others’ users. It sounds to me like we should converge the codebases, and make … Continue reading

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Mono Project on Launchpad

Hey folks, Robert Collins and Mark Shuttleworth were kind enough to add a Launchpad project for Mono. It will be nice to have a presence on Launchpad, as it is one of the focus points of the Ubuntu development team. … Continue reading

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Wisdom from IRC

08:41 < cj> dmoonfire: I did a bunch of line breaking and whitespace reduction tricks to keep all columns below 80 chars. Maybe I should use more terse, context-specific variable names… 08:42 < dmoonfire> I like verbose names, even with … Continue reading

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Prebuild Autotools target

Hello public, I’m putting some effort into GtkGlAreaSharp again. The supporting bits aren’t really production-ready, though, so rather than hacking on the widget itself and its associated examples, I’m beefing up the underlying platform. The first step in the process … Continue reading

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