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PCRE support has hit quagga

—–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Paul Jakma changed: What |Removed |Added – —————————————————————————- Status|UNCONFIRMED |RESOLVED CC| |paul dishone st Resolution| |FIXED – — Comment #2 from Paul Jakma 2009-06-19 15:09:42 — I’ve pulled in the patch from Jeremy … Continue reading

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Jenkara is building

Okay… after this morning’s post, I decided to make Jenkara build. It is now. You can get it thus: $ svn co or $ wget You can build it with ye olde $ ./configure && make there’s no … Continue reading

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repository thoughts

15:58 < cj> lluis: since my friend isn’t online to bounce ideas off of, how ’bout I ask you? :) 15:59 < lluis> cj: heh, ok 15:59 < cj> a first pass would be a web form that takes some … Continue reading

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Next article in the “Writing Free Software” series

Hey all, I’m not certain what the next topic should be. I’ve got a few ideas. Could the interested parties let me know what they’re curious most about? documentation distributing .exe.config and .dll.config files inter-package dependencies using pkg-config creating sub … Continue reading

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