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MS-PL is acceptable for Fedora as a GPL-incompatible license In addition, IronRuby/IronPython/DLR may make it in to FC 13, thanks to Brett.

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Randal Schwartz interviews Michael Foord about IronPython

The FLOSS Weekly folks (including my homie, Randal) just published this week’s interview. It is with Michael Foord, who I just met a couple weeks ago. He published a book about IronPython. He mentions Mono, the DLR and IronRuby, too … Continue reading

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Looking to get Iron* and the DLR into RedHat

I sent an email to the Fedora Legal list asking whether they will accept software released under the MS-PL license. My friend and former colleague, Brett Lentz mentioned that he was concerned that the Fedora folks might not accept software … Continue reading

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dlr-languages packaging

An update on recent changes to the IronRuby packaging. We’ve changed the name of the source package because We’re packaging IronPython as well as IronRuby (thanks doko!) I’ve added the wrapper scripts (irake, igem, etc.). Maybe this is showing that … Continue reading

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Awww, thanks guys!

I got props for hosting the IronRuby/IronPython continuous integration. Yesterday was SysAdmin Appreciation Day. I feel appreciated.

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IronRuby .deb is looking better

cjac@dev0:/usr/src/git/alioth$ sudo dpkg -i ironruby-cil_0.9.0+dfsg_all.deb Selecting previously deselected package ironruby-cil. (Reading database … 67034 files and directories currently installed.) Unpacking ironruby-cil (from ironruby-cil_0.9.0+dfsg_all.deb) … Setting up ironruby-cil (0.9.0+dfsg) … cjac@dev0:/usr/src/git/alioth$ which ir /usr/bin/ir cjac@dev0:/usr/src/git/alioth$ ir IronRuby on Mono … Continue reading

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Hey, look! debian/control and friends are on Alioth!;a=tree;f=debian;h=c5642e8a4a4aa3b5e15af5f607a1604f3169bd47;hb=449af4392c1fbddacee4f52b9998e23e674a7434 *whew* now I won’t have to worry about losing (or misplacing) my changes. Thanks meebey and #debian-cli for your help. Now to tune those files a bit and get something that actually does what users expect ;)

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#ironruby – shilling it up for fun and profit!

We want to be like IronPython. 12:54 < mletterle> 12:54 < cj> lolz. signing up: 12:54 < cj> Unknown Error 12:54 < cj> An unknown error occurred while processing your request. This is most likely due to a connection … Continue reading

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mono- submitted

19:44 < meebey> Subject: mono_2.4.2.3+dfsg-1_i386.changes is NEW So joyous. I’ll be using that for the ironruby thing. Real soon now.

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mono- debs will include array comparison patch

Thanks to Marek being a superhero, we have isolated the changes necessary to fix the compiler from the tag so that we can build IronRuby with xbuild. I’ve delivered the patch to meebey, and he has included it in … Continue reading

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