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  • I took this picture

    Could you folks please update my credentials? KTHXBI

  • Logs from talk with Daniel & Zalmai

    I had a phone conversation with Daniel Mills and Zalmai Zahir today in order to vet our test sentences for ling 567. I’ve got to say that Daniel is really showing his worth as a linguist here. I’m happy to bask in his glow and make sure the fonts render right. Go Daniel! The write-up […]

  • Font for composing Lushootseed

    At the recommendation of David Beck, I have installed a TTF font from It took a few minutes for me to figure out how to get it going, but it was pretty straightforward after that. Here are some quick instructions for those of you running Debian variants such as Ubuntu. Fetch the zip files […]

  • Lushootseed characters

    Here are some of the characters used to represent text in the Lushootseed languages. This is an imperfect representation. There doesn’t seem to be a COMBINING LATIN SMALL LETTER W, so I’m using a second character in these cases. I also can’t find any fonts that render a c with both a caron and a […]