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CI build server produces Iron Python bins, too!

Ivan has updated the build script to produce IronPython binaries as well as IronRuby. Get your fresh DLR-powered, mono-friendly, dynamic language implementations here: There are now links to source and binary tarballs as well as source zips on each … Continue reading

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Ironruby tarballs available

Ivan has been doing some great work on the Mono/IronRuby continuous integration server recently. He and Ankit got xbuild support integrated, and now we have new tarballs being generated for each build. You can find them here: I’ll be … Continue reading

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Matthew Broderick broke The Music Man.

I was reading Lefty’s recent blog post and was reminded (by way of a certain scene) of being pissed off by Broderick’s s/egg/globe/ in the 2003 production of The Music Man. I was going to put the following in the … Continue reading

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Mono on the G1

I got a g1 for Fathers’ Day (Thanks Hannah!) and I’ve been futzing with it a bit. I rooted it and set up a chroot debian system. It’s running an ssh server, openvpn and snmpd. There’s been a lot of … Continue reading

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IronRuby continuous integration machine back online

Thanks to my wife’s support, the DLR & IronRuby mono build machine is up and kicking again.

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Jenkara is building

Okay… after this morning’s post, I decided to make Jenkara build. It is now. You can get it thus: $ svn co or $ wget You can build it with ye olde $ ./configure && make there’s no … Continue reading

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GTK+ OpenGL work

There’s an opening at Canonical that I’d like to take after the current contract is up. It’s an opening for a OpenGL dev on the Ubuntu desktop team. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy working with my current group quite … Continue reading

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repository thoughts

15:58 < cj> lluis: since my friend isn’t online to bounce ideas off of, how ’bout I ask you? :) 15:59 < lluis> cj: heh, ok 15:59 < cj> a first pass would be a web form that takes some … Continue reading

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Writing Free Sofware index

So, I’ve been meaning to write an index for this series. I haxx0red my web server and made this easy-to-remember url work.

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Writing Free Software: Part 11 – A simple man page

Introduction Okay… it’s high time we wrote some docs. I come from a perl background, so we’re going to write the docs using perldoc. I know there are better ways to do this for C# projects and I’m happy to … Continue reading

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