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  • Vote Obama 2008

    My friend Corrie is taking donations. I think the guy is worth voting for. Eight is enough. Oh, wait. It’s far too much. I do not support the current war and never have. I do not believe that “Muslim Terrorists” are responsible for Enron’s fleecing of its investors any more than I believe that Saddam […]

  • An update

    I don’t really have anything really exciting to report, so y’all get to listen to me blather. And after all, that’s what blogs are for anyway, right? Zelda is turning 11 months old this month. This is still my favorite picture: I have been dishonorably discharged from Amazon. It seems that I am incompetent. It […]

  • I had to fill out a Bio today… here’s what I wrote.

    My background includes experience in system administration, network operation, technical support, and development of applications on server and client side. My primary operating system is Debian GNU/Linux. My primary programming languages are C# and Perl. I run a small family ISP on a not-for-profit basis: I am a “charter” member of a group originally […]

  • Article on Paco

    Paco, a friend of mine and fellow contributor to the Mono project was recently covered in an article in the Ft. Worth/Dallas Start Telegram. Paco’s an inspiration to a lot of us. He recently joined up with the Air Force reserves and is stationed at Lackland airforce base. Paco’s son, Paquito was shot and killed […]

  • Prebuild Autotools target

    Hello public, I’m putting some effort into GtkGlAreaSharp again. The supporting bits aren’t really production-ready, though, so rather than hacking on the widget itself and its associated examples, I’m beefing up the underlying platform. The first step in the process is making Prebuild a viable meta-build system. Right now it works pretty well for generating […]

  • Man, that sucks

    I’ve dropped from a google pagerank of 7 to 5. I need to be more interesting, it seems. So, things… Unit testing with Perl is fun. You should all take a look at petdance‘s WWW::Mechanize and Test::WWW::Mechanize. If one were to want to make a bot to grab all of one’s financial data from one’s […]

  • Audacity – Still the first Google™ result!

    Take that, Barack! Free Software is still more important on the intarwebs than your book :) Anyway, I’m going to test out this here mic…

  • Good words, George

    I approve of the ideals you brought up during the SotU. Well done with the budget balancing. More of the same please. Good stuff on the making peace with the differently-colored. If these ideals come to fruition, your administration will not have been a total loss. I still disagree with you on the need to […]

  • Hillary, Barack pay attention

    I advise that whichever of you gets the democratic nomination choose the other as your vice for the 2008 election.

  • Public Mockage of Our Inept Commander in Chief

    I wrote this in early December 2006 when I heard that dorkball was considering stretching our military to the breaking point by deploying more of our troops to do his nasty bidding. I thought I’d give him some time to re-consider before publishing it, however. He’s had enough time now. I vote for impeachment if […]