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RIP (Mary) Norma Coggin Adams

(Sourced from, with corrections) Norma Coggin Adams HAMPTON — Norma Coggin Adams, 79, of 26 Dearborn Ave., died Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2008, in Exeter Hospital. She was born Nov. 29, 1928, in Lynn, Mass., the daughter of the late … Continue reading

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Mono stuff

1) A.J. is writing unit tests against Microsoft.Xna. We’ll use these unit tests as a sort of specification for Mono.Xna. Same as the perl6 smoke tests. 2) Speaking of perl6, I saw Audrey Tang at work the other day. She’s … Continue reading

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Monocast II

This week’s monocast features a charming and debonaire, sophisticated and well spoken guest. With great hair. You should really listen. Hi, mom. MonoCast Forums Subscribe: MonoCast AAC MonoCast MP3 MonoCast OGG

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Monocast 1.0

Sorry for the delay in this production. It was mostly my fault. We just about had it one night, but then I forgot my headset at work. I’m such a dork. So. With no further ado, RevFry’s MonoCast Subscribe: MonoCast … Continue reading

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Monocast 1.0

So, Rev_Fry and I got together last night and did a couple of takes for the first Monocast. Rev and I will be attending the upcoming Mono Summit in MA on the 23rd and 24th. We figured that we should … Continue reading

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Did anybody else catch the recent supreme court ruling?

The president of the U.S.A. has been found guilty of breaking international law by the supreme court. But the whitehouse has been jumping on any reputable news sources that mention it. So here I am. Nobody takes me seriously anyway. … Continue reading

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Wall Street Cred

So… I don’t normally read the Wall Street Journal, but I was sitting in a waiting room for a few hours yesterday and the security guard, noticing that I was bored, brought me a copy. I read the table of … Continue reading

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