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Article on Paco

Paco, a friend of mine and fellow contributor to the Mono project was recently covered in an article in the Ft. Worth/Dallas Start Telegram. Paco’s an inspiration to a lot of us. He recently joined up with the Air Force … Continue reading

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Good words, George

I approve of the ideals you brought up during the SotU. Well done with the budget balancing. More of the same please. Good stuff on the making peace with the differently-colored. If these ideals come to fruition, your administration will … Continue reading

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Public Mockage of Our Inept Commander in Chief

I wrote this in early December 2006 when I heard that dorkball was considering stretching our military to the breaking point by deploying more of our troops to do his nasty bidding. I thought I’d give him some time to … Continue reading

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My kind of conservative

I was reading through my plog and came across this interview with Andrew Sullivan. I liked it, but it seems that I’m in the minority. :) Take a look and let me know what you think. Here’s an excerpt … Continue reading

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Special delivery

Hello? Iraq? I have a large package of Freedom here… er, actually, we’re out of Freedom. We’ve substituted it with permanent military occupation. Will you sign here, please?

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