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15:58 < cj> lluis: since my friend isn't online to bounce ideas off of, how 
            'bout I ask you? :)
15:59 < lluis> cj: heh, ok
15:59 < cj> a first pass would be a web form that takes some information about 
            a package and stores it to a database.  those data are exposed via 
            as an xml file, and all entries are listed on a separate page as a 
16:00 < cj>, /list_products.cgi, 
16:01 < cj> the data stored in relation to the product would be version, 
            package type, build type, license, distribution uri, author
16:02 < cj> the IDE would add another tab next to 'browse', 'pkg-config' and 
            'gac' that would query /list_products.cgi and present them in a 
            manageable fashion
16:03 < cj> I don't want to over-engineer, since I don't have a lot of spare 
            time to implement.  first pass = dumb but working
16:03 < lluis> well, if we are going to have server side logic, we better use a 
               web service
16:04 < cj> sounds reasonable, but I don't have time to ramp up on that right
            now.  how 'bout I make the cgi's interface reliable so a web 
            service could be built to replace it?
16:05 < mhutch> cj: clean urls please :)
16:05 < cj> mhutch: define 'clean' :)
16:06 < mhutch> no ".cgi" for a start
16:06 < cj> okay
16:06 < lluis> cj: what you plan to use to implement that?
16:07 < cj> lluis: perl.  I'm good at it and can fix things without having to 
            ask stupid questions like "how do I construct an HTTP request 
            object" :)
16:07  * mhutch cries
16:08 < cj> enough from the peanut gallery
16:09  * mhutch starts throwing peanuts at cj
16:11 < lluis> cj: well, the server side implementation is not so important
16:11 < lluis> as well as we have a client c# library that encapsulates it
16:11 < lluis> I mean as long as
16:12 < mhutch> IMO it would make sense to do it in a language that users (i.e. 
                potential contributors) are likely to know
16:12 < mhutch> but maybe that's just me
16:12 < cj> mhutch: I promise that I'll write it in c# after I get it working
16:13 < cj> mhutch: it's hard for me to get anything done, though, if I have to 
            learn how to do it while I'm doing it.  I enjoy re-writing my perl 
            code in c#, though.  that's how I started learning it in the first 
            place :)
16:13 < mhutch> cj: I'd be happy to provide pointers
16:14 < lluis> mhutch: I don't think it is so important for the server side.
16:14 < mhutch> cj: some things would be easier to do directly in C#, for 
                example, web services in C# are near-trivial
16:17 < lluis> cj: hmm, in fact in my implementation proposal the reusable 
               components are just add-ins, so we can just use the existing 
               add-in repository format
16:17 < cj> lluis: is there one?  I'll google it.
16:18 < lluis> cj: I don't think it is documented. Add-in repos are just as set 
               of files which can be generated using the mautil tool.
16:53 < lluis> cj: if you are interested, I can send you the library repository 
               client I wrote when I worked on that on the hack week
17:11 < cj> lluis: sure, thanks.  I'll use it as reference as I poke.
Day changed to 09 Jan 2009
03:10 <@cj> okay... now for coding...
03:20 <@cj> this is the part where I use my production web server to develop 
            code.  everybody watch!
03:29 <@cj>
03:29 <@cj> tada
03:29 <@cj> I crack myself up.
04:13 <@cj>
04:13 < SeveredCross> Neato.
04:14 <@cj> yeah.  doesn't store your data yet, but *shrug* it's >0
04:15 < SeveredCross> What's the idea, to have a repository of info for 
                      Mono-related softwares that aren't packaged in distro 
04:15 <@cj> no, to allow people to reference the packages registered here 
            through various tools, such as visual studio or monodevelop
04:16 <@cj>
04:16 <@cj>
04:17 <@cj> at amazon, we had a 'cradle-to-grave' registration tool that allowd 
            folks to create source control repositories, fire off builds, 
            request and perform code review, etc.
04:17 <@cj> I don't want to get that fancy, but it inspired me to make 
            something that helps to oranize all of these pieces of code we have 
            laying around
04:18 <@cj> organize
04:20 <@cj> pkg-config is useful for code you've got on your system, but the 
            process of grabbing, installing and then finally referencing is a 
            lot of overhead.  if you could do gmcs -r:repos://foo bar.cs 
            -o:baz.exe, that would really reduce the headache
04:20 < SeveredCross> Cool beans.
04:20 < SeveredCross> Sounds like a worthy project. :D

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