Debian router online

So… I got my Debian router online. I expect to add ipv6 support to my network real soon now.

The permanent storage is a 2G CF card with a CF to IDE adapter. The system has 1G of memory. The quagga bgpd has a full IPv4 table loaded. It looks like it’s eating around 180M to do that. I bet this could be reduced by storing some of those data to an RDBMS. I’ll talk with Paul about it one of these days.

I plan to start the RIP daemon up here shortly, since the new OpenSolaris VM will make use of it. If I can get a static IP on the secondary link, I’ll set up another Quagga server on it and see about doing some load balancing.

The system currently supports VPNs using OpenVPN. I’ve got one set up between the Everett and Seattle locations. The Seattle location is using a WRT54G running OpenWRT. It is a pretty capable box but is not able to handle a full BGP table due to memory constraints (16M).

The router supports the following routing protocols using Quagga:

  • RIP
  • RIPng
  • OSPFv2
  • OSPFv3
  • BGP

The router supports the OLSR protocol (for wireless mesh routing) using olsrd

The router supports 802.1q VLAN trunking and tagging using vlan.

The router supports 802.1d bridges using bridge-utils

The router supports the following tunnel types using iproute:

  • IPv4 in IPv4
  • gre
  • sit
  • isatap
  • IPv6 in IPv6
  • IPv4 in IPv6

The router supports traffic shaping and traffic control using iproute

The router supports firewalling and network address translation (NAT) using iptables

The router supports monitoring using snmpd, and munin

The router supports intrusion detection and/or prevention using snort

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