Twitter Updates for 2009-07-24

  • @mletterle: Wakey wakey. Need a patch review on #ironruby #
  • @jredville: got time to review a patch on #ironruby? #
  • This just in: Ankit got IronRuby building with xbuild. Details at 11. #
  • @sandyarmstrong: perl -e 's/foo/bar/g' is better! #
  • Come debate the Defense of Marriage Act with C.J. and Aaron! #
  • @mletterle: you know… IRC? #
  • @kangamono, @directhex: yeah. buying houses is never fun. You've really got to *want* it ;) #
  • @abock: eep. I nearly had someone turn right into me one time. I think I left a dent in their hood with my boot. in reply to abock #
  • @sungo: N is for Neville: in reply to sungo #
  • @directhex: how's the fail whale treating you? I'll take my answers off the air, thanks. Long time reader, first time writer. #
  • @brianhartman: Is this thing on? #
  • @stonemirror: anything exciting from 0x0FFF today? #
  • @luzcummings: this is a participation sport. reply or get marked as spam! :) #
  • @jredville: anything to report today? #
  • @kangamono: retweet pro, eh? is it in ubuntu yet? #
  • @sanxiyn: Dude. #
  • @buquisha: dude. I mean boss. #
  • good night moon #
  • Damn you, @NoDepositHomes and all of your spammy friends! #
  • via @jstedfast and mhutch: in reply to jstedfast #

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