Twitter Updates for 2009-07-28

  • @sh4na: when you say "cat stuck inside the engine," what exactly do you mean? in reply to sh4na #
  • @sandyarmstrong: re "micro$haft": wow. I had never let my mind drop down enough notches to realize that. just wow. in reply to sandyarmstrong #
  • @directhex: excellent… I wonder if it is compatible with a budget diet… #
  • @trinitysp96: who are you and why are you following me? are you a spambot? #
  • @marthafi10: I think maybe you are a spambot, too #
  • @sandyarmstrong: you are now following me along with a bunch of spambots. Yays. #
  • @timoreilly: heh, did you know about this? #
  • @sandyarmstrong: debian is pretty good ;) in reply to sandyarmstrong #
  • @meebey: you don't love us! #

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