Wall Street Cred

So… I don’t normally read the Wall Street Journal, but I was sitting in a waiting room for a few hours yesterday and the security guard, noticing that I was bored, brought me a copy. I read the table of contents and browsed to an article on network neutrality. For those of you who didn’t catch it, I published a short article on the topic the day before. I wrote the article while I was en route on the Sounder commuter train on Friday Morning, but didn’t get around to publishing it until Sunday.

Anyway, this article in the WSJ resembled the article I published less than 24 hours before in this very blog.

Am I suffering from delusions of grandeur, or am I still blathering into the ether? I’m certain it’s not *impossible* that this article was inspired by my work… I saw MySQL mentioned in a magazine published by the author of the aforementioned WSJ article, and MySQL feeds bits and pieces of this blog to its corporate aggregator. Anyway, Steve, if you’re reading this, give props if they’re due. :)

Hannah and I are heading in to town tomorrow with Scarlet. Hannah’s got an interview with a small web development place, and I’m pushing to get her an interview with Amazon. I’d love to work with her on a web dev team. Her skills are second to none in her area of expertise. But don’t take my word for it…

Anyway… Off to bed for the Adams-Collier family!

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