Quake mdl loader bits and a (more) managed gtkglarea-sharp

So… Now that I’m unemployed, I’ve got a few minutes to work on some mono stuff.

I’ve committed a quake .mdl file loader to the GtkGLAreaSharp examples directory. I’ve got plans to display the model using the framework, but that’s not quite finished yet.

On #mono today, someone asked for an interesting feature. They think that there should be an onDestroy handler or some such that fires during widget deconstruction. This reminded me that I have not completed the semi-managed code that I’ve been working on. Alp has been recommending it for quite some time, but I’ve been busy with work and family. The basic idea is that rather than depending on the c version of gtkglarea and calling into it using P/Invoke, GtkGLAreaSharp should bind directly to X and GLX to create the OpenGL context.

I’ve modified the project’s configure.ac file so that users can specify –unmanaged if they wish to bind to the C version. Otherwise, it will use the new managed version.

But first, I’ve got to get it working :)

Enough talk. Back to hacking.

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