Twitter Updates for 2009-08-03

  • @bgoldy: PCC? #
  • @bgoldy: #
  • @sungo: I don't want to!!! #
  • ha: RT @voidspace Microsoft connect is showing me 1-0 of the 0 results it found. Impressive. #
  • @directhex: I mock ur pain #
  • @sungo: like "what is your sexual preference, and what do you think Jesus thinks about it?" #
  • @rjbs: not braü.net? #
  • @voidspace: hub = gnome w/o memory. switch = gnome wif memory #
  • @casualjim: but! no keyboard! #
  • @casualjim: Tim said something the other day about having a new Erlang book out in reply to casualjim #
  • @sungo: can one normally catch ennui by hanging out on irc with a carrier? #

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