Twitter Updates for 2009-08-05

  • @sandyarmstrong: O RLY? in reply to sandyarmstrong #
  • @diakopter: it's been over a year since the Lang.NET I attended, but I've finally gotten back to the DLR language packaging thing ;) #
  • @jdub: what, the default configuration of the clock applet? 'cuz I run my clock applet sans date… in reply to jdub #
  • @edropple: don't you mean "@schestowitz is a wonderful man"? #
  • @migueldeicaza: my band teacher had a debater friend. A sign was hung up when he returned from a meet saying JOE IS A MASTER DEBATER in reply to migueldeicaza #
  • @edropple: I wouldn't be much of a master baiter if I didn't even hyperlink, now would I? in reply to edropple #
  • @schestowitz: don't forget Collier Technologies! We're helping Microsoft to piggyback OLPC, too! in reply to schestowitz #
  • @toshok: sokay. I'll catch you next time you're in SEA in reply to toshok #

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