gtkglarea-sharp clarification

22:33 -!- Irssi: Starting query in 130 with Sandriman
22:33 <Sandriman> Okay, I have been asking for it for several times, but since
                  we're obviously in such different time zones that unless I
                  become noctural, I cannot seem to make it online
                  simultaneously with you :)
22:33 <Sandriman> nocturnal that is* >_<
22:33 <Sandriman> Anyway, how is the status of gtkglarea-sharp and above all,
                  who's maintaining it?
22:34 <Sandriman> Also, does it compare well against gtkglarea and/or Tao, or
                  has anyone even tested?
22:34 <Sandriman> (This time you can expect me to at least read your reply,
                  since my irc-client is running persistently on our
                  hacker-group's server which is on 24/7)
22:34 <Sandriman> Oh yes, cheers! :)
Day changed to 14 Jul 2006
06:30 <cj> hmm?
06:30 <cj> back :)
06:30 <cj> so...
06:30 <cj> gtkglarea-sharp originated as a c# wrapper around gtkglarea
06:31 <cj> Tao is a set of C# libraries to do a bunch of multi-media things
06:31 <cj> the examples in gtkglarea-sharp use Tao's wrapper around OpenGL
06:32 <cj> Tao wraps Sam Lantinga's SDL (Simple Direct-media Layer), which can
           be used instead of gtkglarea-sharp
06:34 <cj> so, I guess the answer to your question is this:  gtkglarea-sharp is
           merely a library for creating a gtk# widget into which OpenGL
           visualizations may be drawn
06:34 <cj> This widget may be embedded in any gtk# application
06:37 <cj> the status of gtkglarea-sharp is "awaiting user interest."  If you
           show interest (as you seem to be doing), I'll focus more on it.  If
           nobody shows interest, I get bored and go back to other things.
06:38 <cj> I am the maintainer of gtkglarea-sharp as well as gtkglarea.  tao is
           being maintained by quite a few folks, one of whom is vlad on #mono
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