I’ve disabled my user approve plugin

Sorry for the inconvenience folks. I was annoyed by having to mark so many comments as spam, but the plugin interface was so klugy that I had no idea how to find the users who would contribute useful posts. So. Feel free to comment… Nao!

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8 Responses to I’ve disabled my user approve plugin

  1. Steve Kemp says:

    I don’t wanna comment – and you can’t make me!


  2. Andy Cater says:

    As a disabled user, why should I need approval?

    [In all seriousness, as a disabled computer user and DD, I had to parse that a couple of times before it made sense – “I’ve removed user approve plugin” might be better? ]

  3. sgegse says:

    You’re a Micro$oft lackey. Hope you’re proud.

    Yes, I’m talking about mono.

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