Conversation with T-Mobile

You have been connected to ^Carsheena H.
C.J. Adams-Collier: hi there!
^Carsheena H: Hi C.J. , welcome to T-Mobile live Chat. I’m ^Carsheena and I will be happy to assist you. Please give me a moment to review your question.
C.J. Adams-Collier: heh, no problem ;)
^Carsheena H: Thank you for your patience, C.J.
C.J. Adams-Collier: I think I may have left my phone somewhere. I’m curious whether you can check the location of it, so I know whether I should re-trace my steps
^Carsheena H: I see that you are concern about your phone location. I know it’s very aggravating to lose your phone. I will be devastated if I lost my phone.
C.J. Adams-Collier: :)
C.J. Adams-Collier: you’re failing the Turing test!
^Carsheena H: Unfortunately, I have no way of tracking your phone from my system. However, depending on your device you my be able to track that device.
C.J. Adams-Collier: cool. I’d love to hear the details.
C.J. Adams-Collier:
^Carsheena H: Can you please give me 1-2 minutes to pull up your account?
C.J. Adams-Collier: no problem
^Carsheena H: Are you using a G1?
C.J. Adams-Collier: yeppers
^Carsheena H: Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to track that device, C.J.
C.J. Adams-Collier: you can’t determine which cell towers it is associated with?
^Carsheena H: However, we can get your line suspended so there won’t be any usage on your device.
^Carsheena H: Unfortunately, no I wouldn’t be able to determine that.
C.J. Adams-Collier: heh, okay. how long does it take to un-suspend the line?
^Carsheena H: You can have you line suspended up to 30 days. Once you reach 30 days please give us a call or chat and let us know if you want to restore the line. After 30 days it will go into cancellation.
C.J. Adams-Collier: erhm… how long does it take to *remove* the suspension if I decide to have you do the suspension?
^Carsheena H: You can restore it anytime you want.
^Carsheena H: As long as it’s within 30 days.
C.J. Adams-Collier: okay. go ahead and suspend. what is the process to remove the suspension?
^Carsheena H: Just give us a call and say you want to restore you line.
C.J. Adams-Collier: ok. thanks.
^Carsheena H: You are very welcome, can you please give me 2-3 minutes to suspend you line?
C.J. Adams-Collier: sure. do you mind if I publish our conversation?
^Carsheena H: You are allowed to print this conversation if you would like to.
^Carsheena H: Thank you for your patience, C.J.
^Carsheena H: Your line is currently suspended.
^Carsheena H: Are you still there, C.J.?
^Carsheena H: I have attempted to get your attention. However, it seems that you have stepped away from your computer. I regret the fact that I have to end this chat. If you have any more questions or concerns please contact us via: chat, 611 from your handset, or 8009378997 from any phone. Thank you for chatting with T-mobile live chat have a wonderful rest of the day

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