Virtual Reality software

I, like Jeff B., have been caught up in the wake of Second Life. I haven’t spent a lot of time logged in to their official client, though. I created a user on their web form and verified that it does, in fact, work on my mac laptop.

The reason I registered a user was so that I could play around with the un-official libsecondlife. I’m attempting to make a graphical front-end for the VR system using

One of the first steps was to create a tool to slurp in the .prims xml files which are used to describe 3d objects in the game. I’ve started a wiki page for it on the libsecondlife wiki.

I’ve been intending to play with ODE for a while now, and it’s probably pretty stable and otherwise mature. So perhaps it’s time to check out ODE.Net or Tao.Ode. The idea of physics engines sort of overwhelms me, though. Maybe I should get Chris to help me with it. He’s taking a Java class this quarter, so he should be pretty familiar with the concepts of object-oriented langues on virtual machines here soon.

What do you say, Chris?

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