A friend of mine and I were talking about working at the evil empire and the politics, culture and happenings that occur there. She said that she felt that has an Orwellian feeling to it. She quickly retorted, saying that it was more than Orwellian. It was Morewellian!

I thought this was quite humorous, and thought it was original, but in fact, there is another usage of it on the intarweb. Isn’t the intarweb great?

Yes. I know.

I went and entered the word into Wikipedia, and someone decided to delete it because it was “nonsense.” Does anyone else think this is nonesense?

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  1. emills says:

    I think what the Intarweb needs is more nonsense. in fact I’m tired of serious crap. Screw the internet. We have the Intarweb!

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