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  • On vacation

    So. I’m on vacation. But I’m thinking a bit about work-related stuff, like Raimi’s MySQL-related blog entries: In case any of you out there read German. I know enough to figure out that he’s got a link to me in it :) Mark Thomas has created a blog as well.

  • Building a domU with debootstrap

  • Planet MaxDB, MaxDB Project

    Well, I set up an aggregator for folks who blog about MaxDB. If you are one of these folks, please email anybody who is aggregated at Planet MaxDB, or join us on #maxdb on I am using the monologue code to aggregate the blog feeds, and while I was altering the default template, I […]

  • Discussion with City of Everett about Community Wireless Network (CWN)

    The following is a discussion between councilman Drew Nielsen and myself. >> >> *From:* C.J. Adams-Collier [] >> >> *Sent:* Mon 2/6/2006 10:19 PM *To:* Drew Nielsen *Subject:* >> >> Community Access Wireless Network > > >> >> Hello Drew, > > >> >> I got your name from _____. She tells me that you […]

  • Asterisk on Metrix Pebble

    Is it possible to run Asterisk on Metrix Pebble? We’ll discuss that tonight at the Snohomish County Wireless meeting. Check in on the wiki for up-to-the minute info on the meeting :)

  • Wireless Networking in the Developing World

    I had a chance to browse this book at the weekly SWN hack night last Wednesday. It will teach the reader how to build a community access wireless network. You want to know how to do that, right? :)

  • Wanderings around Everett

    I was at the co-op today with Scarlet. We were planning on going to the children’s museum, but alas, they are closed on Monday. So since we were in town, we wandered down to Grand for lunch. We stopped in Scarlet wouldn’t leave without an apple. I posted some cards on the corkboard and wrote […]

  • Snohomish County Technology Group

  • Yet another blog by C.J.

    Well, I think I’m annoying people on my personal blog with Everett Wireless Network news, so I’ll post my blather here instead :) I called the City of Everett today and told them about my work and that I plan to put a radio on my roof. I think they took notes. Check the newspaper. […]