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  • Network Neutrality in a nutshell

    Network Neutrality is a term used to encompas the need for a balanced playing field on the Internet. Proponents for neutrality claim that having a tiered infrastructure will create a hierarchy of “haves” and “have nots.” The perceived problems would be similar to U.S. politics’ main problem: everyone has an equal vote; but those with […]

  • Interaction

    Hey all. Please comment on this entry. I’m trying to get an idea of who’s listening to what I say. Why do you read this blog? Are you interested in community wireless networks? OpenGL development on Linux? Family? Business Intelligence? Synchronizaton Manager news? Freecycle™ development? Random Perl bits? Something else I’ve forgotten about? I’m finding […]

  • Meta-interview with Eric Butler

    Eric and I were trying out Gizmo.

  • Moved blog, took long weekend

    For those of you who want to hear me read this instead of having to do so yourself (no hyperlinks), click here for .ogg and here for .mp3. I migrated the blogs’ database and code from moonunit to avenger, both of which run Debian Sarge. Y’all should now notice a vast improvement in throughput. The […]

  • Rearranging blogs: EWN, Mono, poli-discuss, work

    I’m re-organizing my various blogs to this one. WordPress can syndicate categories. So I’m adding a category for each of the blogs I keep. Except for LiveJournal. I’ve got lots of posts there, and there’s no way (as far as I know) to copy all of them to this one. Plus, I like Brad and […]

  • Lalala.

    This is my first wordpress blog post. I’m getting a lot of spammy spam on my movable type blog. I don’t like it. Plus, WordPress is Free Software and movable type is not. Richard is my friend. I’m thinking I’m going to move all my blogs here. Yeah.

  • Discussion with Sprint network designer

    The following is a transcript of a recent email conversation I had with Sven Lidén, one of the primary network topology designers for the Sprint wireless network in the state of Washington. —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 > —–Original Message—– From: C.J. Adams-Collier > [] Sent: Wednesday, February 08, > 2006 5:48 PM To: […]