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  • They’re mentioning me in their tribal arts.

  • #ShellNO rally at the Seattle federal building

    Some content from Climate activists in Seattle march against oil drilling in the ArcticAugust 31, 2015 by Alex Garland

  • I took this picture

    Could you folks please update my credentials? KTHXBI

  • Time to put social media down for a bit

    You’re a bunch of wankers! Just kidding. But seriously, I need to focus more on core. I’m changing my password and putting it somewhere hard to find and paste in to phones, for instance. So maybe you’ll see a bit more of me on the blog that I own and operate with my own money […]

  • Court docs

    For review by magistrate or judge.  More details as I have time to enter them.  Will include link to this post on submitted documents. Some photos taken during time of recovery included below.

  • The Path

    Ten and a half hours until we leave Orcas Island, heading for Vancouver B.C.  There we will meet Patrick, (my younger brother) who we will spend the night with and who will bring us to the airport. From there the real adventure begins.  Honestly neither Birdie nor myself have any idea what to expect, never […]

  • Guest author

    I’ve invited my dear friend Noah to blog here while he’s traveling the world. I’ve equipped him with one of my old laptops and will drive him to the train station on Thursday. He’s going to have a lot of the fun that I wish I was having. But at least I can live vicariously […]

  • Orcas.IO

    I registered a domain that I’ll use for Orcas-local projects such as the Orcas Internet Exchange and various things like that. Pretty fancy, huh?

  • Hello World

    It was a good summer.  I took some time off work and spent a lot of time at the lake with the girls.  Scarlet swam out to the buoy with me at least once. I am working on improving the network service out here on Orcas and think we may be able to secure a […]

  • Repeater frequencies

    Looks like I’ll be testing the 440.775 and 445.775 frequencies. Nothing in the global frequency database: