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  • GUI Service Management App in Mono

    On Saturday at LinuxFest NorthWest, I was approached by someone named Paul who was intererested in writing graphical applications to execute common tasks. I asked for an example, and he mentioned service management of for instance, apache and bind. So we wrote a small mono app using Glade as the interface designer. Here is […]

  • YAPC::NA

  • Anybody need some cycles on a sun machine?

    Hey you mono folks. Yeah, you. You know who I’m talking about. Do you need some cycles on a sun machine to run build tests?

  • Is gtkglarea-sharp ready for production?

    I don’t know. Probably not quite yet. But there has been interest using the toolkit in a production video game. Fun. But what do you all think?

  • Have I mentioned Perl yet? No…

    I write and enjoy Perl. If you want to know how to write Perl, let me know, and I’ll try to schedule some time to learn you what I know…

  • libtao-opengl-cil has been packaged for Dapper!

    Wow! lurfagrin made my tao dist packages into .deb packages! If you’re running Ubuntu Dapper Drake, you can install libtao-opengl-cil using this command: $ sudo apt-get install libtao-opengl-cil This is one of the pre-requisites to building gtkglarea-sharp. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Sun server… incoming…

    Holy crap. Sun is sending me hardware for a try-n-buy thing. They say they’ll ship it in about 10 days. I wonder how disappointed they’re going to be when I wipe the OS they ship with it and install Sarge… Thanks to Ask for the tip. Now… how am I going to make this thing […]

  • 150 million and counting! | Spread Firefox

    150 million and counting! | Spread Firefox Over 150 Million downloads of my homies’ web browser. You should download it, too.

  • Rearranging blogs: EWN, Mono, poli-discuss, work

    I’m re-organizing my various blogs to this one. WordPress can syndicate categories. So I’m adding a category for each of the blogs I keep. Except for LiveJournal. I’ve got lots of posts there, and there’s no way (as far as I know) to copy all of them to this one. Plus, I like Brad and […]