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  • Writing Free Software – Part 3: Command line options

    Introduction In this installment, we will look at parsing command-line options. We’re going to use Jon Pryor‘s NDesk.Options library. Since he has not made a .deb package yet, we’ll use curl to integrate NDesk.Options.cs into our codebase. Get back to our workspace $ cd ~/src/greeting Get curl $ sudo apt-get install curl Pull down a […]

  • Writing Free Software – Part 2: Makefiles

    Okay, so now we know how to write hello world in C#, compile it and run it. Next, let’s try to automate the build portion a bit. It’s not going to be very much of an improvement to start out with; we’re just replacing the gmcs command with a make command. But it’s laying a […]

  • Writing Free Software – Part 1

    There are a lot of folks who want to learn how to write software, I hear. So I’ll see if I can write something up about it. I’m going to assume that the reader has at their disposal an i386-class computer running Ubuntu or Debian. This will all probably work for other operating systems, but […]

  • To Prebuild or not to Prebuild?

    So… On IRC today, John, Michael and I discussed rolling Prebuild and xbuild into one product. It seems that we’re duplicating effort and competing for each others’ users. It sounds to me like we should converge the codebases, and make Prebuild.exe a wrapper around the innards of xbuild. Thoughts?

  • An update

    I don’t really have anything really exciting to report, so y’all get to listen to me blather. And after all, that’s what blogs are for anyway, right? Zelda is turning 11 months old this month. This is still my favorite picture: I have been dishonorably discharged from Amazon. It seems that I am incompetent. It […]

  • IKVM basics

    So, I’m not much of a java guy, but I need to know how to get at the CLI, given a java interface. Let’s assume for brevity that one has an ubuntu machine available: $ sudo apt-get install ikvm ikvm-native icepick icepick-gcj …. $ mkdir hello-ikvm && cd hello-ikvm $ cat > class hello […]

  • Perl 6 on the CLI via DLR; A summary

    My goal in attending this year’s Lang.NET Symposium was to determine whether the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is a viable platform on which the Perl 6 language can be implemented.  During the talks, I took notes in my blog (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and on my wiki (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). Since I’ve not historically been much […]