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  • autotools help on IRC

    It has come to my attention that there is a lack of autotools (autoconf, automake, autoheader, libtool, etc) help on IRC. If anybody is looking, they might check out #mono on; there are quite a few folks there who are familiar with the suite, and if I can ever figure out how to get […]

  • An update

    I don’t really have anything really exciting to report, so y’all get to listen to me blather. And after all, that’s what blogs are for anyway, right? Zelda is turning 11 months old this month. This is still my favorite picture: I have been dishonorably discharged from Amazon. It seems that I am incompetent. It […]

  • From Lang.NET 2008 – Wednesday

    0843 Alrighty… we’re online. I checked in on #debian-mono, and meebey had plenty of suggestions on how to fix the .deb. 0923 There’s a talk on IronRuby. Microsoft is implementing a Ruby compiler on the CLI. It uses the DLR to do the heavy lifting. It is currently slow :) Contributions are being accepted for […]

  • From Lang.NET 2008 – Tuesday

    0834 No snow today. The commute was easy. Last night, I downloaded the DLR and worked with it a little. I’ve hosted a gzipped binary version of the assembly on as well as a bzip2ed tarball of the source. A quick google search tells me that the OSI has approved the Microsoft Public License […]

  • Lang.NET 2008

    A few months ago, Mahesh Prakriya stopped by Amazon to discuss the recently merged IronPython project and the changes that it inspired in Microsoft’s .NET implementation. We exchanged email, and he invited me to this year’s Lang.NET symposium. I plan to look for volunteers to contribute to a Perl 6 implementation targeted to the CLI. […]

  • I had to fill out a Bio today… here’s what I wrote.

    My background includes experience in system administration, network operation, technical support, and development of applications on server and client side. My primary operating system is Debian GNU/Linux. My primary programming languages are C# and Perl. I run a small family ISP on a not-for-profit basis: I am a “charter” member of a group originally […]

  • Wisdom from IRC

    08:41 < cj> dmoonfire: I did a bunch of line breaking and whitespace reduction tricks to keep all columns below 80 chars. Maybe I should use more terse, context-specific variable names… 08:42 < dmoonfire> I like verbose names, even with 80col, no idea why. 08:42 < cj> 08:42 <@jonp> name length should be proportional […]