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  • RAIDoD

    Redundant Array of Inexpensive Departments of Defense Ha.

  • DNS changes

    I’m working on the family’s servers over vacation. I’m moving a bunch of the bandwidth-consuming bits off of the server on the T1. One of the services I’m moving to its own VM is bind9. I figure it should live on its own box that does only DNS-ish stuff. That way I can make sure […]

  • Please begin seeding etch release candidates with me

  • spam is getting on my nerves again

    I’m getting too many pieces of spam per diem, so I’ve turned on my “forward to the feds” procmail rule. Enjoy!

  • My kind of conservative

    I was reading through my plog and came across this interview with Andrew Sullivan. I liked it, but it seems that I’m in the minority. :) Take a look and let me know what you think. Here’s an excerpt to whet your apetite: What’s your idea of faith? Sullivan: I do not believe […]

  • Move On asked me to post this…

    You should vote. It’s good to do. Even if you don’t agree with what Move On is suggesting. I think it’s good when people make a choice, be it what I believe or not. So make sure you get that ballot sent in, or stop by the polling office. Democrat, Republican, Commie, Anarchist, Facist, Independent […]

  • SD Times article about Mono

    —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Sorry Matt, Miguel was on vacation and I took charge while he was gone. My apolgies for letting your bug slip through the cracks. I was busy with work work. If that link does not work, it is likely because you do not have an account on our […]

  • Special delivery

    Hello? Iraq? I have a large package of Freedom here… er, actually, we’re out of Freedom. We’ve substituted it with permanent military occupation. Will you sign here, please?

  • Mike! and I agree

    —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 It seems that the GOP candidate to take over an open senate position, one Mike!, has something in common with me. Washington state residents have the option to write the value of their state sales tax off against their due of federal taxes. Mike! believes that the money is […]

  • GNOME Foundation broken?

    I heard a rumor today that the GNOME foundation is fundamentally broken. Thoughts? Why would someone say this? Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/Aug/02 Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/Jul/19 Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/Jun/25 Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/Jun/07 Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/Mar/22 Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/Mar/15 Minutes […]