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  • SD Times article about Mono

    —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 Sorry Matt, Miguel was on vacation and I took charge while he was gone. My apolgies for letting your bug slip through the cracks. I was busy with work work. If that link does not work, it is likely because you do not have an account on our […]

  • What has tseng been up to?

    08:35 <@cj> tseng: more with the addition of content to the aggregator! 55 days ago? get on it! :) 08:35 < tseng> cj: :( 08:36 < tseng> cj: i can blog last-exit 3 now that iain finally rolled the tarball 08:36 < tseng> its been over 55 days since i started working on it :/ […]

  • Monocast 1.0

    So, Rev_Fry and I got together last night and did a couple of takes for the first Monocast. Rev and I will be attending the upcoming Mono Summit in MA on the 23rd and 24th. We figured that we should do a first show before we showed up so we can claim some listeners. The […]

  • The Stranger

    Dan refuses to acknowledge my request to have some of my work syndicated in his paper. Did I piss in his wheaties and not notice? Maybe it was that time that I submited tens to hundreds of thousands of votes for the tighty-whities competitor that he didn’t want to win?

  • New code at

    Yay! The RSS Feed link in the plog finally shipped. :) 20:53 < cj> anybody wanna see something cool? 20:53 < toshok> nah, cool is overrated 20:54 < cj> 20:55 < cj> or, better yet… 20:55 < cj> 20:55 < cj> click on the “add to your plog” button. it’s orange and on […]

  • My work blog

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  • Mono On Rails

    Web 2.0 compatible I’ve just released v0.0.1V (where V stands for “vapor”). get a copy from our fancy distribution mechanism

  • MySQL Meetup 2006/05/01

    Hannah, Scarlet and I attended the Seattle Meetup, since we heard Arjen was planning on being in town. We went to the normal location, but the owner told me they were closed due to their entire staff being involved in the civil rights march. We arrived to a table full of the regulars. Breadsticks, pizza, […]

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