Shaking things up

It’s been a hectic week, and it’s only Tuesday.

My wife and I recently made a decision to move on from MySQL. My passion is software development, and my experience doesn’t lend itself well to database development. Therefore, I’m returning to Amazon on Monday, if my intel is correct.

Through a strange series of coincidences, my resume was submitted to the same group which I left 14 short months ago. I will be returning to HTML, JavaScript, Perl, shell script and a tad bit of Java development.

It has been a pleasure working for and with MySQL AB. They make a wonderful database, and their support folks are top notch. I’ll miss them all. But heck, I can stay in touch just as easily as ever. That’s one nice thing about working in a virtual company: you learn to keep in touch by any means necessary.

The roses are blooming. The lawn is mowed. Summer vacation starts Real Soon Now™, and I’ll be taking a train to work starting shortly.

I’m going to be spending a lot less time with Scarlet and Hannah than either they or I are used to. It will be nice to separate work and home life, but it will also be difficult. Such are the problems with modern life, I guess…

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  1. Thank you, Mike. It’s nice to know that folks read my writing. Sometimes it feels like I’m blogging to the ether, and it’s nice to hear that someone enjoys the sound of my voice other than me :)

    I’ll try to write a thing or two about MaxDB here and there. There are a few folks who might be interested in seeing mysql as a bi-directional synchronization participant. I’ve handed the code I was working with off to the most talented java guys I know. If anybody can get it working correctly, it’s them.

    If you want to hear about MaxDB more, you might tune in to Raimi’s mysql feed here:

    I’ve also asked Mark to start blogging on his feed here:

    However, Mark is going to be busy for a couple of years on a new project :)

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