Mono stuff

1) A.J. is writing unit tests against Microsoft.Xna. We’ll use these unit tests as a sort of specification for Mono.Xna. Same as the perl6 smoke tests.
2) Speaking of perl6, I saw Audrey Tang at work the other day. She’s traveling around working on the bits. She’s planning to visit Boston and Ximian on May 10th with some of the other perl6 core devs. Miguel has said that they look forward to having the group. If you have some way you would like to support perl6 devs, let me know and I’ll help you help them.
3) Nick submitted a pretty nice patch to the glade example of GtkGLArea#. For more details:

svn diff -r {2006-11-09}

He’s a windows guy, so he’s helping me get the C gtkglarea library ported over to win32. Yay for that. Let’s see how well it works :)
4) If you haven’t listened to the most recent MonoCast, please do so :)

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