My kind of conservative

I was reading through my plog and came across this interview with Andrew Sullivan. I liked it, but it seems that I’m in the minority. :)

Take a look and let me know what you think. Here’s an excerpt to whet your apetite: What’s your idea of faith?

Sullivan: I do not believe that faith’s answers have
already all been given and you just have to consult a book and there you have it. Faith is a human process. It requires doubting in order to be valid. It requires living it in order to understand it. And some fundamentalists think that if they just have the words in a book, and insist upon it loudly enough, somehow they become holy, or somehow they’re representing Jesus. They don’t. They don’t represent tradition, or the words, or the behavior, of Jesus. And I think that reclaiming that back from them is rather like the way moderate Muslims have to reclaim Islam back from the extremists. T
here’s a fight going on, even in the book world, between those who are arguing the fundamentalist case and a revival in atheist books, whether it’s Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins. My position, as always, is more like South Park‘s, which is that they’re both fallacies. As soon as you posit an absolute truth, whether it’s that science is the guide to everything or the Bible is the guide to everything, you miss something very important about human life, which is that we don’t know everything. That’s what it is to be human. A little humility, a little doubt, a little respect for mystery in religious faith.

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