RIP James Richardson Adams II

James Richardson (Dick) Adams of Hampton, died Tuesday, Jan 31 at the Oceanside Rehabilitation Center.

He was born April 15th, 1918 in Philadelphia, PA, He attended George School Preparatory and the University of Pennsylvania. Dick was the child of James Richardson and Dorothy Hendren Adams. Dick Adams was in the Navy during World War II and served as a midshipman. After the war he was an engineer and later was involved with Marketing for Honeywell and NCR advanced computers for the medical industry. He found great passion in painting and photography for which his art was presented in many shows and galleries in New England. His wife of 49 years, Norma C Adams, died in 2008 as did his son Russell Adams of Northampton MA in 2010, the surviving members of his family include his sister Susie Munger of Scottsdale AZ, daughter Leslie Hollan of Winston Salem, NC, son Peter Adams of North Hampton, NH, daughter Katharine Murta Adams of Los Angeles CA, son Nathaniel Adams of Hampton, NH and daughter Hannah Adams of Orcas Island, WA.

There are no scheduled services but flowers and cards can be sent to JR Adams, c/o Nathaniel Adams, 26 Dearborn Ave, Hampton NH , 03842.

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    • Awww, Arthur sounds like such a nice man. He has a piece of art with sentimental family value in his possession which spent quite a few years getting beat up in our household. I would like to keep in touch!

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