gtkglarea on win32

After a long, long wait, GtkGLArea is now running on win32. I’ve put up a temporary package here until I merge the changes into cvs and put out an official package that plays nicely with the rest of the gtk+ platform. The next step, of course is GtkGLArea#, the C# wrapper around this library. And then on to world domination.

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  1. Well, I can try, I s’pose :)

    GtkGLArea is a gtk+ widget. GtkGLExt is not.

    GtkGLExt can be used to magically transform a normal, every day, gtk+ widget into a shiny shiny bling bling OpenGL widget.

    Applying the gl extension to a button widget could, for instance make buttons do things like shimmer on mouse over or some such. With a bit of work, it could also be used to perhaps create fancy themes that make buttons transparent or jelly-like or some such.

    So I guess you could say that GtkGLExt allows you to make fancy extensions to existing gtk+ widgets.

    GtkGLArea, on the other hand is basically a GtkDrawingArea that has had GtkGLExt applied to it.

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