I am a millipede

I am a Millipede I am amazing
I command you to gaze upon my face
You’ll never find someone charming as I am
I’m the swankiest bug out in space

I’m a star I’m a god I’m a thing to behold
There is none as resplendent as I
With my sleek little legs and my three hundred eggs
of my majesty none can deny

Because I am the millipede I am mysterious
When I vanish I never leave a trace

You will not find a bug with such illusions
I’m a creature of fathomless grace

(Background singers)

Millipede meets allure
Millipede meets couture
Millipede meets grandeur
Millipede meets saviour
Millipede meets mature
Millipede meets so pure
Millipede meets the cure for all lesser breeds

I am a millipede I am the champion
no one else in the universe keeps pace
You’ll never find someone quite so enchanting
While I’m here there’s just no second place

I’m an idol a King I’m an object of awe
There is none quite so gleaming as I
I’ve got glamour to spare
You are right when you stare
I’m the who, what, when, where, and the why
(Join me!)

I am a millipede I am astounding
wisdom flows from my personage like lace
You’ll never find someone darling as I am
I’m the swankiest
Tutelary pest
Certainly best dressed
Bug out in space!

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