DNS changes

I’m working on the family’s servers over vacation. I’m moving a bunch of the bandwidth-consuming bits off of the server on the T1. One of the services I’m moving to its own VM is bind9. I figure it should live on its own box that does only DNS-ish stuff. That way I can make sure nobody’s abusing it and maintenance will be easier.

Since I have first-hand knowledge that a machine with 32M of memory will run a small zone with no problems, I’m going to create a resource-starved VM and have it do what it can with a spartan set of bits it can twiddle.

I’ll do the same with the mail server and web server after I get this straightened out. It will be easier to allocate resources when I can determine which service gets the resources. I figure I’ve got enough “permanent” storage that I can have a few servers at this point.

Let’s see how well it works out.

Now to clean up my bind server’s configuration….

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