Man, that sucks

I’ve dropped from a google pagerank of 7 to 5. I need to be more interesting, it seems.

So, things… Unit testing with Perl is fun. You should all take a look at petdance‘s WWW::Mechanize and Test::WWW::Mechanize. If one were to want to make a bot to grab all of one’s financial data from one’s financial institution’s web interface, I would recommend using WWW::Mechanize. If one were to want to test their website and ensure that it’s not bustificated, I would recommend using Test::WWW::Mechanize. IMHO. YMMV, etc, etc, etc.

Also, being sick is the suxx0r. The whole family has been coughing up lungs left and right. We have need for them, too, so you can see how sick we must be. I came to work today to share the love. You’re welcome team!

I mentioned a few months ago that qaein left his PS2 and a bunch of games in our basement. So I’ve been scavenging. Chris tells me that the games are old school, but they’re still fun. Best of all, they’re old enough that they run with no problem on the laptop I’m supposed to be using for work! Hahahaha!

I tried to add Paco to Wikipedia, but the system monitors tell me that he’s not noteworthy enough. Paco, go do something that makes you noteworthy!

Anyway, we on the Mono dev team think Paco’s fantastic. He’s brought us fun things like a MS Visual Studio Project file to Makefile converter (prj2make-sharp), a native win32 installer for Mono, and most of a working MonoDevelop on the win32 platform. He’s away for the next few months at school and will be back in June. We miss you Paco!

I moved all of the services onto the Xen machine over on Sixth and Virginia. I replaced the failing disks with a fault-tolerant RAID, so we shouldn’t have to deal with disk failures for at least another year. Stupid technology. Now I need to find someone else in the family who is interested in doing system administration work when I kick the bucket. Scarlet? :)

It’s really snowy up in Everett. I thought I saw some snowflakes yesterday morning at around 9:00 when I was taking the recycling out, but then I thought, “oh, no, it couldn’t be. It’s nearly March!” Lo and behold, here we are with 3″+ of snow. Sheesh.

Cocoa# is getting attention. If you want to write C# on OSX using XCode, go watch this video:—lettercounter

Anyway, I’m going to get back to work now. Hopefully this will bump up my relevance ranking a couple of points. You should all link to this blog so I feel better about myself! :)

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