Mono Project on Launchpad

Hey folks,

Robert Collins and Mark Shuttleworth were kind enough to add a Launchpad project for Mono. It will be nice to have a presence on Launchpad, as it is one of the focus points of the Ubuntu development team. We should be able to wrangle some more ubuntu devs with this exposure.

The Prebuild work is coming along well. The Autotools target in my subversion repository is now generating, and files for the Solution-level and each Project-level entity. I just committed some code to create stubs for the files automake requires to run correctly. So now, running “sh” from the generated root runs configure in the Solution and all of the Projects. There are still no rules to copy, link, whatever the source .cs files to the autotools build path or create the targets, but we’re getting closer. I guess that’s the next step.

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