Taking a job at MS

So… next week, I start a contract with Microsoft in Redmond. I’ll be working on what seems like a fun project. I’ve enjoyed working at CarDomain for the last four months. Fun projects, a cohesive group, neat technology. I’m mostly moving on because a) I’ve been writing web pages for a long time and want to try something else and b) the commute will be much easier and I’ll get to drive in with Hannah!

I’m looking forward to being able to play with some of the fancy internal toys that I’ve heard so much about. Someone told me yesterday that even the folks who were hardcore MS haters love their job there. I’m certainly not a hater. Perhaps skeptical, but not a hater. I figure I’ll learn a bunch of fun new things even in the worst case scenario.

Anyway. Now that the various colliertech.org bits are functioning again, I thought I’d write something.

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