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Vote ObamaMy friend Corrie is taking donations. I think the guy is worth voting for. Eight is enough. Oh, wait. It’s far too much.

I do not support the current war and never have. I do not believe that “Muslim Terrorists” are responsible for Enron’s fleecing of its investors any more than I believe that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with the attacks of 09/11/2001. It’s time to stop the xenophobia. Let’s show the rest of the world that we’re not the people that George W. Bush represents.

And as an excuse to publish this to the mono blog, let’s make a call for mono devs for Obama. If you’re a mono developer (or heck, any Free Software developer) and support Obama, blog about it. People read what you write and respect your opinion.

Friends and fellow Democrats,

Over the past few weeks, I’m guessing you’ve had a conversation with a friend or coworker about the presidential race. Maybe you discussed how tight the polls have gotten since the Republican convention, or Sarah Palin her antics, or whether we’re going to end up getting `sad drunk’ on November 4 2008 just like we did in 2004.

We may be looking at another very close race this year. Personally, I am still expecting that Obama will win – hopefully by a lot! But for the first time recently, I contemplated the idea that we may lose. Again. I got frustrated, sad, and angry. Is our country doomed to repeat its mistakes over and over?

Well I say NO! This is our year, and our whole country deserves to get happy drunk on November 4.

So what can we do about it? As I see it, unless you live in a swing state and have some time to volunteer, the most important thing you can do to influence the outcome of this election is to donate to the Obama campaign.

I think many of us feel that this is a turning point in the election. It’s now or never. Damaging and often deceitful Republican ads are airing all over the country. John McCain’s campaign just had its best fundraising month to date, and now has more cash on hand than Obama if you include the party national committee funds. McCain is about to accept $84 million in public financing while Obama, who is not accepting public financing, must now spend time raising money while McCain is free to campaign.

We need to help the Obama campaign blanket the country with great ads and expand their fantastic field operation, which is registering record-breaking numbers of voters and preparing to turn out millions of voters on November 4.

Maybe you can’t give much. But even $10, $25, or $50 makes a difference. Please visit the Obama campaign’s website at to make an online donation today. Whether or not you choose to donate right now, please pass this message on to your Democratic friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and coworkers (and Republicans/Independents who support Obama!)
Because most of us can afford to give a few bucks (or more) to this campaign. But like Obama said, we can’t afford another four years of the same failed Republican politics.

Thank you for caring about our country :)


PS- To keep track of how successful this message is, I’ve set my own personal fundraising goal for the campaign, of $5000.



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