Everett Wireless first station

I’m putting together the first station for the Everett Wireless Network. To the right is a picture of the radio I will eventually put on our roof. I plan to attach an omni to the pole and drill another couple holes in the box (one for the 802.11g omni, one for the serial console over cat5) and then strap it to the chimney. I’ve currently got a cantenna attached to the B card that Rob gave me years ago. There’s a directional 5.8GHz Backfire attached to the A card that I bought from Metrix Communication. I plan to point this at my other antenna after it is put up on a neighbor’s roof.

I bought a copy of the study guidethe study guide for the Technician class ham radio license. I hope to learn enough to look less like a noob on #nanog. Or #swn, for that matter. Maybe I’ll learn something that will be useful along the way.

If anyone from Everett is reading this and is interested in joining the network, I’d love to hear from you. I plan to set up a tunnel server for those without line of sight to other members of the network. OpenVPN works well for this purpose, as does GRE tunneling using iproute

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