Running a console cable to the radio

So, I’m attaching a radio to the chimney. I don’t want to have to bring it down every time I need to flash the firmware, so I’m also running an rs-232 cable up to it along with the PoE data/power cable. Since they don’t have anything pre-built, I wired one myself. I also made a png of the schematic I used. It is probably wrong. The rj-45 should probably have been flipped over, ‘cuz as it stands, I need to attach a null-modem converter and a rj-45 to db-9 converter I got from Sun from the last Try & Buy thing I did. It would probably be easier to wire up the rj-45 end as a second db-9 end. I’ll probably do that tonight. But this is the current state, and I’ve confirmed that it works just fine. The cat-5 is about 100’ in length, and I saw no loss of signal. YMMV.

Anyway, that’s the dealio.

[edit: you can also attach generators to your UPS this way]

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  1. For those of you who are curious, to wire a cat-5 cable into an rj-45 head, the order of the wires is usually:

    1. orange/white
    2. orange
    3. green/white
    4. blue
    5. blue/white
    6. green
    7. brown/white
    8. brown

    place them in the rj45 head from left (orange/white) to right (brown) with the clip facing away from you.

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