Moved blog, took long weekend

For those of you who want to hear me read this instead of having to do so yourself (no hyperlinks), click here for .ogg and here for .mp3.

I migrated the blogs’ database and code from moonunit to avenger, both of which run Debian Sarge. Y’all should now notice a vast improvement in throughput. The ISP that Moonunit sits on should also see a large decrease in traffic.

Today, I added a campaign to raise funds for hosting. If you have any extra funds, please help me with colocation costs. It’s expensive and y’all use up a bunch of bandwidth. If you find this site useful please support it financially.

Today I’m looking into the syncmangui java code and getting my ducks in a row in order to make it *easy* to add bi-directional support for MySQL to the Synchronization Manager.

I took a four-day weekend on Friday-Monday. I spent a bit of time playing with the computer, but most of the time was spent organizing the house and getting some spring cleaning accomplished. Sadly, Hannah got sick and we weren’t quite as productive as we would have liked.

The thing from this weekend I consider most worth mentioning is DBMail. I hopped on the Courier IMAP server mailing list and announced my intention of building a database backend for the server and calling it MailDB. It seems someone already had that idea. It also seems that they have been doing a great job with it. It’s licensed under the GPL, and it’s being run in production. Next weekend, I plan on putting up an instance and migrating away from Maildir. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

Yesterday, I wandered up Everett Ave to do a site survey at the building on which I’m considering putting an antenna. It’s a pretty nice setup, and provided I can re-sell some of the bandwidth, it’s even affordable. That’s a big if, though :) This will be node 1 (indexed from 0) on the Everett Wireless Network, provided I end up getting the antenna mounted. I’ve got some paperwork to get back to the real estate guy before things are ready to go, though.

I’m returning that T2000 server to Sun. It was nice and performed well. I strongly recommend it to businesses able to lay down the cash. It seems like it will scale well: low power consumption, large amounts of memory, and an adequate set of processors. Peter Z. ran some benchmarks on it and presented them (along with many others) in his talk at the MySQL Users’ Conference this year.

Alright… that’s all I have for now :)

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