Is Boycott Novell interested in fixing the problem?


Would you like to work with me to fix the US patent system? I sure would like it if you’d stop saying mean things about the most active and effective Free Software developers I know. If we have to fix the broken patent system in order for you to stop giving F/OSS a black eye, then let’s do it, k?

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3 Responses to Is Boycott Novell interested in fixing the problem?

  1. btw, Roy and friends were not interested in solving problems last I checked.

    I just wrote Richard Stallman about this. Let’s fix the patent problems and quit clowning around, yes?

  2. Jason says:

    Hmmm. Posted on this at my blog:

    Summary: Opened up with a fair (if a bit loaded) question, didn’t see the need to drag in the old IRC logs and haterade if it was an honest question though.

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